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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Take Tuesday through your eyes

Since the series has come to an end I just wanted to do a little feature of some of the lovely pictures that were submitted. As people linked up it was amazing to me how we all had the same prompt but returned such different results. I love how diverse creativity is :D

It so perfectly captures the optimism in a fresh day

Loulou totally ran with the series and shot so many great images but I particularly liked her Numbers shots. It probably has something to do with my fondness for fonts and industrial ruggedness.

Trish over at Jelly Bones captured such wonderful texture in her Flower shots

How lovely is this Yellowstone shot by Sarah Bell!? Stunning, yes?

So there are just a portion of the shots I found particularly striking. A gigantic thank you to everyone who participated! It made my Tuesdays :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Take Tuesday: Yellow

The fire hydrants have probably been yellow for years but only this week, when I was looking for something to go with this week's Take Tuesday theme did I notice them.
Why is it that fire hydrants are painted differently depending on where you go? I've seen them painted red, blue, silver, white, and green. Not orange though. And definitely not purple. Although that would be pretty snazzy.

So this is the last Take Tuesday. I've enjoyed this little series but I'm glad it's come to an end. All good things must end, right? It's been good going out and finding pictures of items I wouldn't normally notice.
On to other (better) things.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Take Tuesday: Ice

So when I picked "ice" for today's theme it was because I had this crazy idea that by mid December there would be snow on the ground and icicles hanging from car exhaust pipes. Silly me. It is actually the time of down pores and freezing, but dry, wind. Trust me when I say that both those things can and have occurred in less than an 18 hour span of each other. My skin can also be a testament to it - any recommendations for a good winter moisturizing mask?

These pictures are from last December when it was all beautiful and snowy and wonderful.

So, craziness - I was sitting in the living room about 15 minutes after I took the picture of this branch when I heard a massive crack so, of course, I peeped out the window and it had fallen almost exactly where I was standing. My poor organs were nearly impaled. Yikes.

Do you have any beautiful, icy pictures because Nicole and I would love to see them :)

Just a reminder - next week it the LAST Take Tuesday so make it good!
Happy snapping!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Take Tuesday: Dish - Pyrex Rainbow

You know how there are people that can analyze handwriting and know all sorts of things about the writer's personality, likes, and dislikes? I bet there are people that can do that by looking at the dishes in someone's cupboards.

That random thought is completely for free ;)

This post is actually about showing off some of the pretty Pyrex I've amassed in the past year or so. Because I pick it up so sporadically (read: only when I come across it for a steal of a deal) I was actually surprised at how much there was when it was all gathered on the table.

It seems fairly common that people acquire a dish that is lacking the lid. For this piece it is exactly opposite. I saw this lid at the thrift store, picked it up, handed it to Keith (because he is my holder of things while I shop :D Love that man!) and continued to shop around hoping to find its bottom half. No such luck. To buy or not to buy? That was the questions. Obviously, I bought... probably because it was 59 cents. But guess what I learned upon arriving home and doing a bit of research about it!?
It's a fairly unusual, probably promotional, dish that has been dubbed Midnight Bloom by PyrexLove. If only I had found the bottom!
Needless to say, I am now on a life-long quest to find the periwinkle blue bottom of this unusual cinderella casserole dish. Do wish me luck!

As you can see, it has some scratching but still I love it.

I really, really wish this was all artfully displayed like this all the time. I need a bigger kitchen.

PS - The red mug is not Pyrex, it is FireKing but it was just too cute not to add to the pile!
PSS - speaking of mugs,  go here and you can see a couple other Pyrex pieces I have that were not included in this shoot

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Take Tuesday: Blue

I pondered and pondered what to shoot for this weeks TT and then I looked right in front of me. Literally. Less than a foot from my body was the most boring, utilitarian BLUE notebook there ever was. It even has the dividers that serve as folders. How fantastically practical.

Can you tell I'm a little over this semester and all that papers/projects/presentations that have been hogging my time as of late?
Below is how I wish said blue notebook was. Colorful with a swirl of dreamy...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Next weeks theme is a FAVORITE DISH
If you feel so inclined to work ahead, you can view the entire list of dates and themes here.
    Happy snapping :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Take Tuesday: Black and White

Bits of black and white from around the home.
ceiling, wall, floor. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Next weeks theme is SOMETHING BLUE
If you feel so inclined to work ahead, you can view the entire list of dates and themes here.
    Happy snapping :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Take Tuesday: Utensils

Ahhh... apartment living.
Even if the rest is absolutely wonderful the kitchen is practically guaranteed to be less than ideal. If it's not cramped, it's usually ugly and outdated with purely economical appliances and only the teensiest, minimum amount of counter top. Not to mention if the outlets have been inconveniently placed...
I'll stop whining. I'm really not much of a cook anyways so there is no need for a fancy kitchen. If only it weren't so ugly though! And that's why you shall only see this little bit of my current kitchen - the utensil "caddy".
It is actually the cap collector off an old coke machine. I bought it years ago, when I first moved out to add a bit of color to my kitchen. My mom later told me what it was but at the time I just bought it because it was cheery red and chippy :) Now that I think about it, that little caddy is one of my first vintage-for-home purchases. Crazy!

That plug is so meh it's not even worth the effort to take a good picture.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Next weeks theme is BLACK AND WHITE
If you feel so inclined to work ahead, you can view the entire list of dates and themes here.
    Happy snapping :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Take Tuesday: Open Land

When I was first pondering what pictures to take for the theme, Open Land, this was not what came to my mind. I had pictured a vast, freshly harvested field whose emptiness allowed me to capture the sky. But these pictures, even though they are from a spring camping trip, are just too perfect. The land is literally open. So dry, it's cracked and split apart. Like it's wounded and heartbroken that the water was drained away.

Because mud does indeed get brokenhearted.

Have lovely pictures of open land? Link up with us!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Next weeks theme is UTENSIL
If you feel so inclined to work ahead, you can view the entire list of dates and themes here.
    Happy snapping :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Take Tuesday: Halloween

Since we live in an apartment building, we don't have a cute porch to put pumpkins on, but here is a simple and, if I do say so myself, charming little festive display I made. Maybe this can be called a garland? I'm not sure, what do you think?
Anyways, this was super simple to make and only required a few supplies: paper, pencil/pen, string, glue, scissors, and a stick. You can see my how-to below.

I'm thinking that this idea will transition nicely into both a Thanksgiving and Christmas display. Perhaps, with a dash of glitter even :)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Next weeks theme is OPEN LAND
If you feel so inclined to work ahead, you can view the entire list of dates and themes here.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Take Tuesday: Sunrise

As I've mentioned I'm not one to rise before the sun unless it is absolutely necessary. And since the theme for this week's Take Tuesday would require that, I found sunrise colors elsewhere in nature. I tried to arrange them so that the colors went from muted and subdued to fiery and bright like a sunrise...

Next week's - October 30 - theme is Halloween!
This should be easy-peasy!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Take Tuesday: Numbers

Anyone else see these numbers daily? Well, maybe not these exactly, since this is a man multivitamin, but, ya know...
Why do they put more than the daily recommended amount in these?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Next weeks theme is SUNRISE
Which, I know, sounds like a wicked scheme to get you out of bed super early, but it is staying dark so much longer that it wouldn't be that much of a sacrifice ;)
If you feel so inclined to work ahead, you can view the entire list of dates and themes here.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Take Tuesday: Flowers

It's Tuesday again! Time to link up with other beautiful bloggers and share your lovely pictures!
(Just so you know, you are more than welcome to link up with a post that wasn't published on a Tuesday. The only requirement is that it matches the theme for the week! Meaning, if you have a theme appropriate post from last Friday, go ahead and link up! We'd love to see your pretty pics.)

This weeks theme was FLOWERS.

Since we are almost in mid-October already (whaaaa!?) finding flowers was a teensy bit challenging. Fortunately, the Clematis plant in front of my parental's barn is still has big beautiful blooms. I'm not usually a purple person but these are absolutely stunning. Seriously, this color is good enough to eat.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Next weeks theme is NUMBERS
If you feel so inclined to work ahead, you can view the entire list of dates and themes here.