Friday, January 2, 2015

winter mantle

As I was editing the pics for this post I realized that not only did I not post the Christmas mantle, I didn't even take any pics of it. Ack!

To sum it up, the Christmas display was the opposite of this one. It was full and colorful and, after a month of adding Christmas cards to it, a bit overwhelming.
This arrangement is probably the most minimal yet. You know, since I've done sooo many in the year we've lived here. A grand total of 3, which is a pretty pitiful amount, really.

Anyways, the original idea was milk glass vases and aqua globes but things shifted directions. The stars got hung, the vases were replaced with candles, the harvest moon got re-mixed, and a few other things came and went. It was the usual add-subtract shuffle that happens when decorating.
I love how simple the end result is, and I love how it combines things we already had in fresh ways.
The origami stars were actually made by my aunt for my bridal shower/wedding. After we were married, we incorporated them into our Christmas decor but this year they will be staying out a bit longer :)
The candles are basic votives, propped up on vintage mason jar lids. 
As I already said, I made the moon to go with the fall decor but pulled it out when I realized the stars would be staying.

The lamps, brass kitty, and mirror are the mantle staples. Ever present.
I swear that mirror was made for that mantle. The funny thing is that I bought it at a goodwill when I lived in Texas - 4 years before we even considered making our house our home. I remember purchasing the mirror and thinking, "what the heck am I going to do with that?" while driving back to my tiny room. I'm pretty sure it just lived in the back of my jeep until I moved back to Indiana. You could probably make a good argument that I am a hoarder from that story but I am going to say that some things are just meant to be.  That mirror +  that mantle. Home furnishing soul-mates.