Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Transformative Powers of Reupholstery - Recovering a Stool. Level: Easy

You know how sometimes a room "makeover" is really just changing out the pillows and painting a wall a fancy color? This is post is sorta like that. Only I'm swooning over the powers of fabric instead of paint.

If you recall, I thrifted this stool awhile eons ago. It's been moving from room to room, being generally useful. Which, as contradictory as it sounds, is exactly why I hadn't recovered the seat yet. Really, I wanted to cover it in fun, brightly patterned fabric but couldn't settle on something that would work throughout the whole house. Finally, I decided that a white-ish, lightly patterned fabric was the (easiest) solution.

As you can see, the seat was in rough shape. The pink plastic had faded to a blotchy shade of vomit and there was a crack exposing the innards. And I lived with it in this state for a year. *What is wrong with me?*

Anyways, the "makeover" was as simple as removing the existing covering with pliers and a screwdriver (for additional prying prowess) and stapling on fresh fabric.

TIP! To get the best results when covering something with fabric, work in small sections, stapling the fabric on one side then the opposite side. This allows you to pull the fabric tightly without skewing the pattern.

To give it a polished finish, I stapled a pretty piece of scrapbooking paper as a backing. I also glued the original tag back in place. It's barely readable but it's the thought that counts, right?

That's all there is to it! Stool transformed.
Anyone else find it amazing how swapping out fabric (or paint) totally changes something?

PS - a little out-take from the "after" shoot. Her nose is in all the things. All the times. Example: she recently discovered the litter box. Oh my gag.

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  1. It's cute! My mom used to recover the dining rooms all the time, whenever she got bored of a pattern and wanted to redecorate, haha. Thank goodness there is no actual Pantone color called "blotchy vomit." Hahaha