Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Easy DIY Christmas card display frame using vintage bump chenille

Alright, chick-a-dees. This is a seriously easy DIY that packs a nice graphic punch of vintage textual flair. Say "hello, vintage bump chenille garland".
If you've never experienced chenille (fancy pipe-cleaners), get some. It is oh-so petable.

Ok, anyways, in all likelihood you have a nice stream of Christmas cards coming in. If you are like me and want to display them in a way that looks a bit more intentional than scotch tape on the wall AND only expend 20 minutes of your time, this project is for you.

SUPPLIES: picture frame, vintage bump chenille garland (available on Etsy), staple gun, spray paint (optional), clips

The frame is from a thrift store. It had a goose picture in it that was so dated I'm not even going to share it. Since the frame was plain wood, I spritzed it with gold spray paint for extra holiday dazzle.

 Once dry, I flipped the frame over and stapled the chenille in a zig-zag pattern.
As you can see, I alternated where the chenille was stapled to give it some dimension.
To display the card, you can either weave them into the chenille or use clips.
I snatched some of the DIY chip clips from the kitchen to hold the cards but I think that glitterfied clothes pins would be super cute as well.

That is how to show off your seasonal snail mail!

On the other hand, if you are like me and have not mailed out any cards yet (*shame*) there is hope. Are you familiar with Treat? They have super adorable, customizable cards that can be ordered up to December 19. Definitely something to take advantage of or, for all you non-procrastinators, remember for next year.

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