Thursday, October 9, 2014

DIY: How to make a 3D moon (or a moon pinata)

If you are like a few of the other people in my life and want to know how to make a moon like the on my mantle, today is your lucky day. It's much easier than it looks and I have a tutorial to prove it.

Cardboard, hot glue gun, newsprint paper, box cutter (or xacto knife), pen, cord, nail

The white circles are to show where I stuck the nails into the cardboard.
Not too many years ago, I drew a picture of the guys from Metalocalypse on a nice sturdy piece of cardboard for Keith's birthday. Clearly, we were on a pretty strict student budget. While that poster hung in the apartment for several years, it had been living an unobserved life in the attic since we moved. I decided to repurpose the cardboard (again).

1_Draw the moon shape.
While you can totally free-hand the moon, I wanted a more precise shape since it was going to be so large. To do this I tied the cord to form a loop and hooked the cord on a nail that was stuck in the cardboard. Stick the writing utensil in the cord loop for a make-shift compass.
Once you have a circle drawn, shift the nail over a few inches and draw another. This will give you a lovely crescent shape. Draw a nose if you want one.

2_  Cut the moon out.
Use the first moon as a template for the second so you don't have to duplicate your handcrafted geometry.

As you can see, I peiced together one of my moon faces. Not a big deal. Hot glue is amazing stuff.

3_ Cut cardboard strips out of light weight cardboard (think cereal box).
These are what you will use to make the moon 3D. I made my strips 4 inches wide.

4_ Glue your moon
Bending as you go, glue the cardboard strips to the edge of one of the moon's face pieces. FYI, you might have to pinch the two peices of cardboard together until the hot glue hardens. Once you have glued strips around the entire perimeter, add the second face piece. If you are making your moon a pinata, you will want to add a hanging cord and candy before you glue the second face down.

5_ Paper!
This is the fun part. Still using hot glue, stick the newsprint on the cardboard moon form. As you can see, mine was crinkly, which added awesome texture. Continue adding paper till it is covered to your liking.
NOTE: Adding the decorative paper this way, in sheets, was MUCH quicker and less tedious than cutting fringe out of tissue paper. It all depends on what you want your end result to look like though.

And that's all there is to it!


  1. Did you paint your moon after adding the paper? It looks like it has a nice finish! I love it!