Friday, October 17, 2014

Dead Plants: A then / now progress report

This is what the back fence looked like early in the summer. The growth was intense. As you can see, the vines were creeping through the fence and actually causing some of the planks to pop out of place. No bueno. So began the battle.
I'm pretty sure that my dad finds spraying weed killer deeply satisfying. He asked where the spray was every time he came over. All that spraying eventually got us to the next few pictures:

Dead plants never looked so good! As I mentioned, it did take a few rounds of spraying (and a few months of waiting) for everything to die. There were quite a few bush-trees with substantial root balls to kill.

Fast forward a bit and with the moral support of Toaster-pup and the muscles of my dad, the work began.

The original plan was to plant a low maintenance oriental grass behind the fence. Something pretty and self-sustaining. However, the plans got reworked, as they usually do. I'm not really sure why there is a Great Dirt Pile behind the garage but there is. (yah! not.) In this great dirt pile are random landscaping rocks. And old shingles. And bits of garbage. Since I didn't feel like hauling the rocks away I decided to put landscaping barrier down and put the rocks where the oriental grass would have gone.
Is it pretty? Not really. Is it self-sustaining? Oh, yes.

BTW, my dad call it the "seawall". If I refer to it as such in the future, you know why.

PS - the Dirt Pile is still there but less Great (thus the carefully cropped "after" picture). Someday it will be gone and a full picture will be shared. I hope that the tree stump painted to blend in with the garage will also be gone. And that crap-tastic fence gate.

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