Monday, September 29, 2014

More Family Room Progress!

Because I am a giant tease, in the last Family Room Update I gave you the vaguest glimpses at what we had done. I did that because I thought we would have the room finished relatively soon after and I wanted the final reveal to have impact. But the final reveal didn't happen because we still don't have the room done.
Why not, you ask? Because we decided to shift our priorities and energy now that the room is in a livable state. The weather is cooler and we can actually work outside without fearing heat stroke so we are conquering our Fall To-Dos. We plan on picking up with this room this winter when we have major cabin fever - probably in February or so.
But let's chat about what HAS been done.

handsome husband finding the joists

Remember how I had a moment of panic over the green paint? That's because it's on the ceiling! Honestly, I had to sleep on it, but when I looked at the room with fresh eyes in the morning all doubt was gone. I adore having such a spunky color on the ceiling. It also helped that we changed the shade of grey on the walls. The first one we tried, though it looked fine on the paint chip, was too beige and looked like mud next to the green.

Let's talk about the light. I call it The Jellyfish and it is the coolest. It was a Goodwill thrifting score and it weighs a ton since it is [blown?] glass. Also, it is a swag light and needed significant anchorage to make us feel secure about it dangling overhead. In the pictures below you can see how we used balloons to help visualize where it would hang anchored into a joist, spaced equally from each wall. During our little mockup, we realized that we actually wanted it to hang between the balloons, where there are no joists. ...womp, womp, womp... To make this work we fashioned a wood mounting platform that spanned the joists and then hung the light in the center of the platform. So far it is hanging tight - even if it is not yet wired and lacks a lightbulb ;)

Above, you can see how we screwed the mounting platform into the joists at the corners. The holes still need to be filled.
The grey curtains, while lovely, are not the right thing for this room. They are a bit dark. I'm still on a curtain quest. I have a feeling fabric painting is in my future.

Here are the linen cabinets, looking 1000% better and stuffed full of out of season bedding. Also note the built in shelving we added.

That's what has been done. Here is what is still on the to-do list:
- Crown molding
- Floating mantle
- White-wash the fireplace brick
- Get an extending TV wall mount / conduit for the cords
- Colorful curtains
- Update the coffee table (knobs, paint, etc.)

Sounds like February is going to be busy for us, yeah?

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