Thursday, September 18, 2014

How to Style a Front Porch - Makeover!

Before summer officially escapes us, let me show you how the porch turned out all painted and styled. But first, let's take a moment to remember...

We picked up the chairs at a garage sale for $3 a piece. No, they are not my "dream" porch furniture but for such a bargain I could rework my Perfect Porch Vision a bit. The two tables were given to us. Three cheers for freebies! As you can see, we modded the one a bit so that it could double duty as a bench or an end table. There were several times during the summer when I was really glad to have that extra bit of seating.

Styling the porch was pretty straight forward: paint, pillows, and plants.
In my opinion, other than painting the tables so they matched and adding pops of color, the rug made the biggest difference in defining the space. The DIY cushions were the biggest infusion of my personality and definitely helped tie everything together and make it look more cozy even though there was quite a bit of pattern mixing going on. Also, the flower boxes we made really changed the space. My original intent with those was to add some color and curb appeal but the pink geraniums really made the space more cozy.

I'm so proud of this plant. Look at how far it's come!

All the accessories came from "shopping" my house. The sisal rug, which Keith hates tolerates, is from the dining room. I will agree with him that it makes a better outdoor rug. The pillows were what we used in our apartment living room (no, they are not outdoor pillows. oops). The yellow enamel pitcher is a vintage score from the pyrex/catherineholm hoard in the kitchen.

All said, the chairs and a gallon of exterior paint were the only purchases I made for the space. Truth be told, I would have loved to plunk a couple hundred buckaroos on new, cushy-cozy, modern porch fixin's but that just wasn't going to happen. Now I can say that I'm glad it didn't. There is something so satisfying about looking around at what you have and making it work. Sometimes the best solutions are the most surprising, yeah?


  1. It looks great Shakti! I love that yellow pitcher.

    1. Thank you, Loulou! It actually looks like something you would find at one of those awesome thrifts near you and I would covet ;)