Thursday, August 28, 2014

Life Lately

1_ This little succulent got a new home, which is still sorta Pyrex-y, like the first. Now it sits next to the revamped retro planter looking all snazzy and such. See the theme going with my planters?? One more like it and it will be a Collection.
Anyways, the above succulent didn't seem to be doing well. Maybe it's just a slow grower but I figured a bigger pot with fresh soil couldn't hurt. If you were wondering, I'm using a cottage cheese container as the pot liner. Use what you got, yo.
2_ Work on The Family Room Makeover is still in progress. Currently I am trying to figure out these things called curtains. Trying to find the RIGHT curtains. I've never had anything but blinds in my apartments and am feeling overwhelmed by options and under-impressed with what is currently hanging. I remember my mom dinking around with curtains, switching them out on-the-frequent. Now I understand. Right now, the pictured coat hooks (using what I got) are supporting painted pipe, clad with the WRONG curtains. As to what I want? I will know it when I see it.
3_ The chimney needed some masonry repairs. Someone else is doing it. It is expensive.
4_ This is how Toaster naps. And how she glares at me when I creep around taking pics.

In general, we are entering a new season. Literally and figuratively.
Keith's final semester is swing, so his, and therefore my, daily schedule has shifted. It's going to be a long 16 weeks of not seeing each other much. The other day we literally waved hello and goodbye as we passed on the road. It sucks but I am endlessly thankful for a job that affords me a bit of wiggle room in my schedule so I an squeeze in time with him.
Also, it is getting dark earlier. This makes me sad, because I like getting lots of things done in a day, and happy, because Fall and Christmas.

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