Saturday, August 9, 2014

I made a whale! and it needs a little pizzazz

Obviously, this sweet little whale isn't the quilt I was debating the other day, but it is scratching my need-to-sew itch. Added bonus - I now have an underwater theme going on with my fiber art - what with the the jellyfish and all.

Anyways, I made this pale whale on a whim, out of one of Keith's old shirts and am pleasantly surprised at how the pattern compliments the whale in a quirky way. I did add some paint to the whale's back for added dimension. I'm thinking about adding more silver paint. What do you think? Also, any ideas for adding more texture? I had stitched a few seed beads on the throat (do whales have throats? maybe it's the chin-belly. The chelly.) but pulled them off.
The tail is another area that some added bedazzlement could be fun. Maybe not, though. So many decisions. 

Warning: if you hadn't noticed already, this post is a photo dump.


  1. Love this little guy! So cute!! I love the colors.

    1. Thank you! This was definitely a new endeavor in sewing so it's a happy thing that it turned out. Someone on facebook suggested using a bright pink/coral for bedazzeling. Not at all a color I would have thought of but I think I might give it a go!