Thursday, August 7, 2014

How to class up cheap cabinets.

Our house does not have a linen closet. It's one of the few complaints I have about our home. (It also lacks a laundry shoot, but that is a different first world problem). When we moved in this wasn't a big deal because every blanket we owned was on our bed in an effort to keep our gas bill small. Now that it's summer and just the thought of flannel and fleece causes sweating, it's a bit more of a problem.

The solution: make the cabinets in the family room the "linen closet".
The only kink in this plan was that the cabinets were a bit dark. And generally horrible.
If bedding was going to be stored in there some makeover magic needed to be performed.

Read on, sweet chick-a-dee, to see how to class up cabinets in the same manner we did.
The good news is that this is actually a pretty cheap upgrade, especially if you are only doing a couple cabinets like us. Woot!

1) Trim.
Take the doors off the hinges, bust out your handy dandy quilting ruler (oh, you don't have one? You should get one. It's SUPER useful.) to mark out the trim outline, and attach the trim with finishing nails. To get the 45 degree angle for the corner joints we used the miter saw, FYI.

Also, if you are going to move the handles or have any nicks in the door, this is a good time to put some wood putty in the holes. Just trying to think ahead for ya ;)

2) Paint.
Once your trim is in place take a moment to sand. Smooth out any patchiness on the trim, rough up the original cabinet, and make sure all the wood putty is flush with the rest of the door.
Now paint! Ours took two coats primer, one coat paint and got a nice even finish.
I might have been a *tad* lazy and only put one coat of primer on the inside of the cabinets.

3) Change the handles.
This is really easy. Especially if you decide to keep the handles in the same spot. We moved ours so here is my secret to making sure we drilled in the correct spot: Toothpaste.
To make sure we drilled the holes in the correct spot, we dabbed a bit of toothpaste on the back of the
handles then pressed them against the door where we wanted them. Drill in the center of the toothpaste splotch and voila, you are good to go!
BTW, we got these at Hobby Lobby. They have an awesome assortment of fun knobs. If you are in the knob market, go there.

That is really all there is too it. Nothing crazy hard, although you do need a few power tools, and it's much improved, yeah?

Now to move the blanket heap to its new home...

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