Thursday, August 21, 2014

2 sisters, 1 art journal | How to create an awesome page using trash


This is the first Art Journal page I ever created.
If you haven't yet read the intro post to this little series, you might want to just so you are more in the know of the back story. For those of you who have read that post, remember how I was living in Texas, far away from the ones I loved? Well, to expand on that a bit, I was in a dorm, sharing a room with four, yes 4, other girls. It wasn't a teensy tiny room, but it was tight with five girls. As you can imagine, space was a hot commodity so unnecessary things like scrap-booking materials were just not something I had around. Therefore, this and many other pages I created for this book, were composed using trash. Seriously.

The smiley face was cut out of a Design by Humans package. The foil squares are gum wrappers. I didn't have any pretty, patterned paper so I created my own by writing quotes on a sheet of notebook paper.
While at the time I felt a bit lame for not having fancy embellishments but it was actually a good thing. It forced me to see things in new ways and push my creativity, instead of letting premade stickers do all the work.
I guess that would be my Tip to all you [new] art journalers -  
Try using materials you originally dismissed.
The results will surprise you.

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