Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2 sisters, 1 art journal | The Beginning

Have I ever mentioned that I lived in Texas for a year? It's true. Once upon a time, I left the Midwest and moved to the Land of Red Dirt and Devilish Heat for an internship. While it was a very formative year for me and I have a lot of great memories, I was, to put it succinctly, horribly homesick. Oh, how I missed Keith.

I moved down there in August. Christmas rolled around and I flew home. While home I seriously considered abandoning all my belongings and never going back. The only reason I didn't follow through with that plan was because my beloved Jeep was still in the South. I love my Jeep (and was too broke to get another one) so I figured I could at least fly back to Texas to rescue it. You know, since my ticket had already been purchased.

Do you have any idea how much will power it takes to get to the airport and navigating the ginormous pain that is Check-in when you are willing to abandon all you own just so you don't have too? Let me tell you, it's a lot. (Call me Amazing.)

Anyways, I share that so you understand the distressed frame of mind I was in when my sister wished me well and handed me a package with the words "do not open till in the air" on it.  I actually did wait to open the package (I'm telling you, I have self-discipline) and I cried when I pulled out a cover-less art journal. At this point the memory is tear-stained but I think I happy-cried my way through every blank page of the journal. The guy sitting next to me fidgeted uncomfortably with my emotional display but I was too busy petting the painted pages to care much. Plus, really, I think he was worried that the airline napkin had reached its absorbancy limit and a snot rocket would land on his leg with the next blow.

Art journaling is pretty common now but back in 2008 I'd never heard of it and was completely in awe of this awesome, messy creation THAT SHE HAND BOUND! It was amazing. It was also a bit intimidating. Kali had done the first page, the one in this post, but my assignment was to make the cover.
Uhhh... ok.

To make the cover I hacked apart a few cereal boxes. I glued two layers of cereal box cardboard together and then covered that with black fabric. The front and the back had separate fabric covered cardboard pieces which I then glued to the endsheet. To create the illusion of a spine, so that it looked a bit more finished, I wrapped my luggage tag, and a few other bits and bobs, around the journal. The blue tie was added because I think there is something magical about books that need to be unbound to open. The fork was added for whimsy's sake. And then it was done. I had added a cover to an art journal.

At this point, because the journal was luckier than me, I stuffed it in an envelope and sent it back to the Midwest.


  1. This post made me cry a little bit. I had completely forgotten I gave you the journal at the airport. I'm glad it brought you comfort. And I'm VERY glad you did not stay in Texas :)

  2. Sisters, a magical bond !!! I was an only child and thought I would like to have 6 kids. came close and I love everyone. I sure enjoy al the grandkids !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!
    Grand ma

    1. it's funny to me that you were an only. You adjusted to large family life so well.