Monday, July 28, 2014

The Leopard Slugs Live

Garden slugs were abundant at my childhood house. My sister and I found great joy in killing them with salt. We were heartless sickos, hunting around the garden, Morton canister in hand. We would watch them shrivel and then leave them.
Now, I am totally mortified about the whole situation and feel very guilty.

Keith saw these first. He told me there were "two big slugs on the garage" but I was not prepared for these beasts. I'm not sure if it is because I'm older and now have an appreciation for nature, or if I feel the need to recognize all the slugs I slaughtered, but I spent some quality time admiring these slimmers.

First, do you see the size of these things!? MONSTERS. Way bigger than my thumb.
Second, see that hole in the side? That is called a pneumostome and they breathe through that. Let me just say that I'm rather glad that my life is not spent in slo-mo with my lung exposed. 
Third, that tiny slug eye is kinda cute, right? Let's agree not to salt it. 

Parting ways


  1. Ugh, I can hardly look at it, but it is very interesting, in a hair-raising shivery inducing way! So big. I can happily say I've never seen one of those myself. lol.

    1. Is it too cold in your parts for slugs? I have no idea what their wintering habits are (nor do I care to know). Our slugs are definitely not to prettiest to look at. You should check out banana slugs - they are actually kinds pretty. lol