Saturday, July 5, 2014

Garage Makeover: Powerwashing - p.3

This is what the garage looked like when we finished cleaning up the mess we made ripping out the beam in Part 2. So, so much improved from what we started with, but it still had a thick coat of grime.

To give the garage a proper cleaning we decided that a powerwasher was the obvious way to go.
In my mind, powerwashing was going to be the easy, no-brainer part of this whole process. And it was, but first it was the most infuriating. You see, we were on our third powerwasher before we got one that worked. Here is how everything went...

Borrow first powerwasher. Hook it up and realize that while it does put water out of the hose, it's not pressurizing it.

Here is a picture of Keith admitting that the powerwasher was winning the battle and calling to ask what the powerwasher "trick" was. Turns out there was no trick. BROKEN!

Admit defeat for the night but source another powerwasher that could be picked up first thing in the morning.

Rise and shine! Drive across town to get said powerwasher. Get back home, hook it up and immediately realize that all is not well. There should not be water gushing out of the bottom.

*Enter visions of scrubbing the entire garage by hand with a bucket of dish-soapy water and stiff bristled brushes*
**try not to pitch a Fit of Frustration**
*** Decide that I am done trying to be cheap. I will rent a powerwasher. From a place that has rooms and rooms full of the things so at least one is guaranteed to work. ***

Drive back across town, return the offending piece of machinery, rent the most glorious water spouter there ever was.

Get the garage clean.

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  1. Wow! Look at that clean garage! Glad you finally found a WORKING power washer. :)