Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Garage Makeover: Removing the lower loft - p.2

After we cleared out the loft rubble that we created in Part 1, the garage looked like this. Much improved, but still not at full functionality because of the super low beam and the pole in the middle.
As one would assume, the pole and beam were offering support to the upper loft so before we could cut them out we had to figure out a support alternative.
I stayed out of this discussion and let Keith consult our wise fathers. It was determined that the loft would be supported with 2x4 running vertically from the rafters to the loft's joists. If I am remembering correctly, 8 supports were put in.

The horizontal beams were added to give the vertical boards more "grab".

Once the loft was properly secured the fun began: DEMOLITION!
As usual, I pranced around and took pictures while John and Keith removed boards, shelves with flimsy backing, and finally, The Beam.

*Somewhere in this time-frame the pole came out with a swift kick to the base. Completely anticlimactic.*

Beam removal got really technical: Saw in half (you guys love saws) and let. it. fall. It did require a few whacks with a sledgehammer because the sagging beam caused the sawzall to seize but down it came.

As you can see, the guys were pleased. And who can blame them - do you see how cleanly the beam ripped out of the wall?

Now all that's left is deep cleaning, painting, rolling epoxy, wiring, and organizing. That's all.


  1. So, only a tiny bit of work left. ;) Congrats to the men on being manly men again! I'm glad you guys are able to tackle so many projects!