Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fixing the Roof

Pretty much the entire time we've lived in our house the back fireplace has looked like this, give or take a few towels:

Not anymore though! Bowls be gone!

Our fireplace has had chronic, mysterious leaking properties where sometimes it would gush water and sometimes, despite heavy downpours, it was bone dry. We had a roofing company come out. We were told that it just needed more, fresh tar - which they applied. However, the random leaking continued.
Now, if you've never experienced this let me tell you that the only thing more annoying than a leaking roof is a RANDOMLY leaking roof. Do I need 5 bowls, every towel in the house and an alarm set every 2 hours or can I sleep all night?
Anyways, since fresh tar did not take care of the problem we decided that the best and most thorough way to remedy the problem was to rip it all off and start fresh. Find the problem and eliminate it.

Clean up is so much quicker when you aren't picking bits out of the lawn. Use a drop-cloth!

Find the problem we did. There were multiple spots around the chimney where the decking had completely rotted away. Yikes.

checking out the hard-working hottie through the window

Decking was replaced and to prevent this problem from happening again, a cricket was built. Goodbye, pooling water!

Everything went really smoothly (much thanks to my dad-in-law) and other than the extent of rotten spots there were no surprises. We haven't had a really hard, day-long rain yet to test it though so I'm sure that when a storm hits Keith and I will be sitting on the couch, staring at the fireplace, completely mesmerized by the dryness of it all.

** I know you're wondering "why would you buy a house with a leaking roof?" so let me tell you what happened...
When we looked at the house everything was dry but we could see marks where water had pooled on the floor. Directly under the skylight. So before closing we had them fix the roof around the skylight. (Which may or may not have needed it.) Plus, the chimney inspector reported that it didn't have a cap and was letting water in, which was probably finding tiny cracks and slowly seeping, blah, blah, blah.
Not to mention that it was a mysterious leak where sometimes it would gush water and sometimes, despite heavy downpours, it was bone dry. Basically, we didn't know the house yet.

But all that is in the past and I am looking forward to fixing the ceiling and making the space cozy.


  1. ugh, sounds rather nighmare-ish. Glad you got to the root of the problem, and yay for hard working hotties!

  2. The bowls were quite a fashion statement! We know all about leaky roofs....sooooo annoying!!
    Glad you got it fixed!