Sunday, June 8, 2014

DIY | How to sew cushions with piping

Remember when I shared how easy-peasy it was to create hand-stamped fabric? I am using that fabric!

I'm going to break this tutorial into 3 parts: piping, tie straps, and final assembly.
To get your cush-on, I suggest you start with piping.

To make piping all you need is ample amounts of fabric cut into strips, cord, and a zipper presser foot for your sewing machine. The width of the fabric strip is determined by how beefy the cord is. Give yourself some grace and cut the strips so your fingers have ample fabric to work with. I made mine 2 inches wide, FYI.

To join 2 strips together, overlay the end so they form an L, then stitch from OUTSIDE edge to OUTSIDE edge. If you sew toward the center of the L you will end up with a useless tangle. Not that I learned from experience or anything ;) The benefit of stitching them together on a diagonal versus in a straight line is that it keeps the seem bulk to a minimum. Can't have lumps in the piping!
Sew what feels like endless miles of piping. I promise even that will not be enough.

 Place the cord in the center of the fabric strip, folding the fabric in half around the cord and stitching with the presser foot as close to the cord as you can get it.

For each strap you will need a 2x18 inch strip of fabric. Iron it so the edges meet at the center. Then fold in half and give it another press with the iron. Stitch down the length of the strip, tucking in the raw end. BAM, you're done.

Pin your piping and straps in place onto one side of your cushion fabric. REMEMBER!: right sides of fabric go in when making cushions!
As you can see, I needed to notch the piping so it would easily wrap around the corner. Still using the zipper foot, stitch the piping into place around all sides. Sew as close to the piping as possible.
Now that the piping and ties are in place, stitch the two sides of the cushion together, leaving an 4 inch opening. To ensure that the piping is "tight", stitch directly over the first line of stitches.
Flip your cushion so it is right-side out and stuff a piece of foam through the opening.
Stitch the opening shut.

Girl, you just made your own cushion!


  1. I say porch!!! If I'm right do I get a prize?

  2. This was so awesome! I feel like even I might be able to tackle this project :)

  3. ding! ding! ding! We have a winner!

  4. "Girl, you just made your own cushion!" Are you assuming that girl's are the only ones reading your blog? Or better yet, the only ones who enjoy sewing? Ouch. :P (Yes, I had too) Awesome Tutorial Sis... Your such a pro! Blessings!

    1. weeellllll, my readership IS primarily females ;) I don't know about the sewing thing though... I've seen some VERY impressive fiber art with more stitches than I have ever sewn created by men