Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vintage Re-Vamp | retro planter

Thrifting begets thrifting. It's a slippery slope. 
Are you ever thrifting and see something you HAVE to have and you don't really know what you would do with it but you love it anyways? Me too.
Do you usually leave those things so as not to become a hoarder? Me too. Usually...
This time, though, I didn't. You see, I got this stool with the awesome hairpin legs (which I still need to recover) so when I saw this little stand thingy with similar legs I HAD to get it. The fact that Keith thought it was a fondue pot stand was completely irrelevant because I would get really clever and make it into something else: a plant stand.

To make this transformation happen I had to do a bit more thrifting... I bought a vintage bowl to act as the planter and a sweet little non-vintage succulent.

Something you need to know: between taking the pictures and writing this post I've done a bit of reading and learned a bit more about this little Burro Tail plant. One of the reasons I chose a plant off the succulent rack is because they don't need much water. OR SO I THOUGHT. Apparently this plant actually needs water. Who knew? What this means is that I will have to re-think this little set up because there are no drain holes in this planter. But for now, I will just tell you what I did and hopefully you will be inspired to do your own revamp.

1_ Put some gravel in the bottom for good measure.
2_  Pop in the plant, surround it with dirt and give it a little drink.
3_ Place the bowl planter in the stand and admire. 
The entire set up cost about $6.

casualties of Toaster

Disclaimer! This post is about something for you to TRY. A source of inspiration, if  you will. I could probably be a professional plant killer and didn't use special succulent soil (is there such a thing?) and, obviously, didn't do enough prior research about the watering needs.  Live and learn, right chick-a-dee?

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