Thursday, May 29, 2014

Porch Pre-Makeover Preview

I'm being a total tease and sharing just Before pictures.
One of the summer projects I'm super excited about is turning our porch into our favorite spot.  It is kinda slow going, though. I've been shopping my house and getting creative and creativity takes time, yo! To sum up my approach to this project, my motto is "Use what you've got." My second motto for this project is "Do the parentals have what I want and and is it snatch-able?" Just kidding. Sorta...

Take this porch swing, for example. It was very convenient that the parentals had a spare in their barn and all we had to do was paint and assemble. And figure out how to hang it up. We had a bit of a scary moment when it ripped out of the porch ceiling. Followed by a whole lot of frustration. You see, there are a few layers of ceiling on our porch and what felt like a stud was NOT a stud. After failed attempts with a stud finder (aluminum ceiling) and a whole lot of exploratory drilling it was decided that we could, in fact, live with an un-centered porch swing.

 This is the face Keith makes when I gently suggest that the swing arm is not quite correct while trying to hold my laughter in.

This is me learning to use a caulk gun as I fill the exploratory drill holes. Caulk can be messy.

Happy tidbit! We got the four chairs at a yard sale for such a good deal it feels like highway robbery. Have you priced patio furniture? Let me tell you, it is salty. Since the chairs were $3 a piece I figured I would make an allowance on my "use what you've got" and "snatch it from the parentals" rule. Someday we would like to upgrade to a style that isn't so "pool" but beggars can't be choosers and we have a massive list of home repairs we would rather be putting our money towards.

So anyways, this is our beginning. Are you excited for the big After reveal because I totally am!
Also, if you are working on your outdoor spaces leave me a link! I am still brainstorming on a few things and would love to see how you are doing things :)


  1. Looking good!! A few cushions on the chairs and they won't look so "pool" as you put it.

    1. way ahead of you ;) *post coming soon*

  2. If it makes you feel better, I didn't notice the swing was off center. But I will now :)

    1. we put a little table to fill the gap and we don't even notice. One of those unplanned things that actually makes perfect sense