Tuesday, May 20, 2014

DIY hand stamped fabric

My goal for this project was to create a print that was fresh and UNfussy. Something that could be created quickly and didn't require an elaborate grid system for pattern alignment. Fortunately, as I wandered around the house looking for inspiration I went to the bathroom and used the last square on the roll (probably the ONLY time I've been excited about being stranded without adequate TP).
TP roll = perfect, unfussy circle stamp
I then had the thought that q-tips would make cute little dots but decided they would be too small.
Make-up cap = second perfect circle stamp 

With stamps located, all you needed to get this pattern in place is acrylic paint, fabric medium, fabric and a drop cloth.

Read the directions on the fabric medium bottle and mix with the paint accordingly. If I'm remembering correctly, mine was 1 part medium, 2 parts paint.
Start stamping!

Paint and fabric medium - unmixed!

As you can see I left a lot of space between the circles at first. I alternated between laying down a "layer" of orange circles and a "layer" of pink dots.
REMEMBER! You can always add more pattern but you can't take it off once it's there.

 As you can see, I filled it in quite a bit.
PS - don't forget to heat set your pattern if that is what your fabric medium calls for!
Easy-peasy and perfect for a summer project! If you do a bit of hand stamping be sure to leave the link in the comments so we can all check it out :)


  1. This is really cute! I love easy and adorable craft projects :)

    1. Thanks! Easy is my favorite! Half the time I get done writing a tutorial and think "This could be for kids" :P

  2. very cool!! I've always wanted to do handpaint my own fabric.