Monday, May 19, 2014

Bit of life lately

1_ Squeezing in some lettering on my lunch break with my favorite pup.
2_ If we are friends on Instagram then this pic is old news, but our porch is a home!
3_ When your front door is 3 inches taller than standard it allows door-makers to charge an astronomical amount of money. Since the door I want is about 3x what I had budgeted we decided to make the current eyesore work for a bit longer. Hence why Keith is stapling in a screen.
4_ The clay came out, jewelry making started, Toaster demanded attention, the clay got put away.
5_ Beautiful sprigs! Soon the whole expanse will be full of pretty green tufts and the Stench Hole will be a distant memory.


  1. Aww your pooch is so cute! I wish I could spend my time snuggled up with a pup and being creative :) xxx
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    1. It IS nice when she cooperates - some days she barely lets me eat lunch!

  2. I love that Toaster is curled up there, right next to you. ;)