Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Yard. work.

Note: I got all gung-ho about cleaning junk out of my yard and forgot to take before pics (D'oh!) so the orange arrow is to show you how built up it was. You can kinda see the dirt line on that sad excuse of a fence. Picture my mom and I removing old shingles, fire pit ashes, slabs of limestone and a red centipede colony from that little area AFTER we hacked through a layer of vine growth. Now that area is flat and I consider it a thing of beauty.

On Sunday, our family showed up to help conquer our yard because they are awesome like that.
They helped dig up old fence posts, clear rubble piles, tame the bramble bush, and pick gravel from our lawn. It was all very exciting. Especially since we nearly had an electrical fire. Which actually crossed the "too exciting" line. Thankfully, all ended well.

Hopefully there will be some "after" pictures to share instead of "progress shots" soon. We have big plans for our outdoor spaces and I CANNOT wait to get them prettyfied!

So, that was our Easter. How did you spend yours?


  1. That sounds like quite a project! Families are the best, especially when you can count on them to help you with projects like that. I'm looking forward to hearing more about what you're going to do with the space. :)

    I spent some time with my parents on Easter and then spent the afternoon rearranging furniture. I really enjoying moving things around every once in awhile.

  2. What is the orange arrow pointing at?

    1. oooh. forgot to write about that. the post It has been updated