Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stench Hole Elimination

We have been a bit scattered in our yard projects. Starting lots of things, getting distracted and finishing few. For whatever reason when we start a project in the house it is much easier to focus on it til it is completed. Not so in the yard. I blame our distracted work ethic on the sunshine.
HOWEVER! we have completed one! Which makes me even more excited to show you what we have accomplished!

Not long ago, our yard looked like this ^
 See that thing lurking against the fence behind the tree? That is supposed to be a water feature.
Funny story: When we first decided to remove it Keith and I each grabbed a piece of the exposed tarp, counted to 3, and gave it a tug.  We actually thought it would slide over and we could fold it into a nice little bundle and stuff it into the trash can. HA!

We didn't know there was so much stuff in there because, well, you can see the picture, but come to find out, there were rocks, A LOT OF ROCKS, gallons of water, and thousands (millions, I dare say) of rotting leaves. Have you ever smelled rotting leaves in a pool of stagnant water? No? Well, we didn't dub it the Stench Hole for no reason.
So began the digging. The decent. Seriously, I tried to mentally prepare myself for finding a body because why else would you dig such a hole and fill it with limestone??

But guess what? After a weekend and a few late evenings, we eventually emptied the hole. It *might* have involved recruiting the kitchen pot(s) to help bail water after the bucket broke from rock abuse, but I'll let you ponder that after Keith cooks you dinner ;)
And then we took another weekend and a few more late evenings to get it filled back in. But with dirt this time. My yard now has another beautiful expanse of grass seeded dirt. 

PS - Free dirt is something I now get excited about ;)


  1. WOW! Way to go! I look forward to free dirt too! I need to blog about my mini-garden we have here at our apartment. Can't wait to have our first house so we can play in the dirt and have our own dirt. LOL. Things adults look forward to. ;)

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  3. Yes, I have experienced that smell......it is an experience one doesn't want to repeat. Is doggy digging in it now?

    1. she did a bit of digging when we were spreading the dirt but seems to be leaving it alone now (knock on wood). She thinks the weeds I dig up are a special treat, which is great because our yard is full of them. Endless source of distraction!

    2. Did you save the rocks for a future rock garden???? They look like cool shapes and once they are washed and weathered by the rain.....

  4. Oh my goodness ... What an ordeal with the stench hole! I bet you're happy to have it gone.

  5. Wow. That looks like it was a lot of work. And, you know, when I was there, I didn't even notice! Glad to hear that Toaster hasn't been digging in it too much! She's too busy camping out under the benches of your porch. :) At least you were able to get this project done! I'm the same way--I get easily distracted, even though I know I'm much happier with a finished project. You guys are having all sorts of adventures! I hope you don't find any more tools or nails in the yard!

  6. so glad you got it filled in! I'm not crazy about water features in yards, they just seem like so much work.