Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A few

Maybe it is the new month or the fact that winter's chill is slipping away or just the longer days but for whatever reason, it seems like a good time to set a few mini goals....

Reach out
Thinking about how I maintain and form friendships leaves me feeling deeply embarrassed. Because, basically, I don't. Not well, anyways. You know how you have that friend that always calls you first? Well, that is all my friends. So, as you can see, there is lots of room for improvement.

Make some jewelry
The embarrassing truth is that my necklaces are still packed from when we moved. You know, back in October. This is sad on so many levels BUT I want to change this! Also, I want to make some awesome new necklaces. I was given all these cool little wooden bits and I'm thinking they will be just perfect for a little DIY adornment.

Gather bricks
Alright, this is a house related goal. You see, since it is starting to warm a bit in these parts and I am ready to do some landscaping! (Ready as in next year) *Let me pause for a moment to contemplate what I just said. Oh, what home ownership does to us....* I have this vision of a brick trimmed flower bed in the front yard, wrapping around the house, but it is going to take a lot of bricks. A lot. And I don't want to spend much money...



  1. I SO know how you feel, since we moved into this new apartment I've pretty much left myself isolated and talked to my internet world, more than any real person sadly. It's hard since I feel like I've lost SO much time not doing things while here at school and since I'm graduating in July I'm trying to get all these projects, adventures, et al done that I've always wanted to. Time for me to slow down and enjoy things for a bit.


    1. Isn't it crazy how it seems like when we do more we actually do less?

  2. I would like to help you with your jewelry making goal! Many moons ago, I made jewelry... beads and wire mostly. I have since moved on to other hobbies... I tend to be quite the hobbynomad. Anywho, I've been carting lots of beads around with me from apt to apt and if you would use them, I'd be glad to send them to you :) Just let me know!