Tuesday, March 25, 2014


To soak in the warmth of the day, we managed to squeeze in the tiniest bit of yard work on Friday afternoon. We are tearing out an old landscaping path and it's kinda slow going since we have to be mindful of how much weight we are putting in the truck. Basically, we got just enough done to have me itching to get it finished. You can definitely apply the saying, "it gets worse before it gets better" to our yard.
Other than Friday afternoon though, it was just Toaster and I this weekend. If it looks like I spent all my time with this critter it's because I did. Keith worked all weekend so the pup and I got to have some quality time together.

Toaster got to meet the pigs my parents are raising. She wasn't too sure about them :)


  1. Puppypuppypuppypuppypuppypuppypuppy!!!!
    I think my brain is wired to respond to dogs rather than human babies. I don't really mind. Such cute photos I just want to snuggle with my own pup now (even if she is 14, in need of a haircut and a tad temperamental!) xxx
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  2. That last picture made my heart MELT. She should come visit me :)

    1. Maybe she will. So far she has been super chill around cats :)

  3. Sounds like you were in good company with Toaster! It's so neat that your parents have pigs.

  4. Look at that little snuggle bug! Too cute ^.^