Monday, March 10, 2014

thrifty nifty, pudding and pie

I love winter. I really do. But maybe, just maybe, I've had enough for one season. It actually makes me a bit nauseous that Wednesday's forecast includes snow. (Insert long, whiny "NOOOO" here.) Warmer weather can not get here fast enough. I blame that Home Work list for making me extra antsy for sunshine and spring breezes. We've gotst things to accomplish!
Not to mention that Keith and I have a front porch we have yet to use...

Anyways, making the house a home is a task that has me visiting thrift stores on the frequent. Possibly even more frequently than I used to, I dare say. The *problem* with thrifting though is that you never know what you will find. Sometimes it's the exact, awesome, house related thing you were looking for and sometimes it the most adorable polka dotted sundress.

1_ They are in desperate need of a bit of polish but I love the look of these shakers.

2_ Super cute sundress. It has polka dots. Need I say more?

3_ The hairpin legs on this end table / stool lured me in. The top is fades and ripped but once I figure out a "permanent" location for it (porch or living room??) recovering the top should be a fairly quick process. Since taking these pictures, I found what I think is a fondue pot stand with similar legs. With a bit of imagination and the right pot I think it will make an awesome plant stand so I'm leaning more and more toward the porch destination. But then again, maybe the living room... We really need to figure out our coffee table situation.

4_ Technically these Minnetonka boots weren't thrifted. They were ebayed. But it was cheaper than buying them brand new so that counts, right? Right?

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