Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Put some primer on it - kitchen trim

When we moved in, our kitchen had 3 different colors and styles of trim. It was nice. There was the brown stained wood around the window, the painted white trim around the backhall door, and glossy black trim topping off the kitchen cabinets. All of which was accompanied and made infinitely more attractive by the flush hollow core doors.

Here is another view, a shot of our kitchen mid move-in.
*Please note the mini fridge, the microwave and the plastic grocery bag trash . Keith and I lived like proper college students using only those for a bit. It's crazy. You don't realize how much you actually use a stove until you don't have one. Fortunately, we have been blessed by our AWESOME friends and family and have been given appliances.

"Patching" a hole with masking tape. What can I say? We plan on upgrading the doors in a few years and just wanted a quick, easy fix.

Unifying the trim and door color was one of those quick fix, soothe-my-eyeballs-for-the-short-term things. There actually isn't a coat of paint involved - just 2 coats of primer. In a couple years we would like to give the entire kitchen and back part of the house an overhaul. We love the layout and size of the kitchen (and that it has a DOUBLE basin sink! Can I get a holla from everyone who knows about living with a single?) but that is about it. To put it simply, we are excited for the day when that back splash tile and red wood cabinets are gone. Until then though, we will enjoy our (mostly) matching trim and full size fridge.

We put some PAINT on it here...


  1. You have done a lot in
    relative short time!!!!

  2. YAY for appliances! You're making that home so adorable! It's so cool to watch it morph!