Monday, February 10, 2014

Statement wall! DIY Geometric Wall Makeover

Ever since laying eyes on the wavy wall by Kristin Davis I have been smitten by the gloss-on-matte paint effect. Then I saw this hexagonal wall decor and decided that looked pretty cool too. But then I saw this geometric hodge-podge and my heart skipped a beat. *Yes. Thank you for sharing your idea on Pinterest. I will be replicating it immediately.*

So began Part 2 of our stairway transformation.
One wall of the stairway was already painted since it is part of the living room but the other wall, which was still the brown, was in need of some sweet lovin'.

The bland before.
1_ Apply the background color that will be the stripes. I used Kilz primer. Since this is the white stripe in the pattern I did apply 2 coats so everything was a nice even color.
2_  Bust out the painters tape. As you can see, I taped so there was a mix of big and small spaces.
3_ Roll on the paint! I used the left over dining room and living room paint to keep the color scheme cohesive throughout the house. I left a few spaces white so I could apply a different color without having to wait for dry time. While getting the darker paint and brushes ready, the first round of paint dried and I then determined which spaces would get a second gloss coat - hence the sticky notes. (Apparently I didn't need to worry about dry-time)
4_ Remove tape.

And I was finished!!!


You see, I had failed to take into account that our ancient plaster walls, which have layer upon layer of rolled-on paint, are not baby-butt smooth. They are eggshell smooth. Paint had seeped under the tape, filling the little dimples.
What step 3 should have been_ Roll another coat of Kilz (white paint) on the wall OVER the tape creating a seal. Paint still would have seeped under the tape but it would have been white, the desired color, and prevented the other colors from seeping into areas they did not belong.
Live and learn, right?

Fortunately, this wasn't a costly mistake and was easy to fix. At this point in the wall makeover I busted out a small artist's brush and carefully applied white paint over the sloppy edges, smoothing out the lines. It was a bit time intensive but the end results were worth it in my opinion.


So what do you think? We really love the way it looks, especially because it adds some personality to the wall without adding nail holes in the plaster (ACK!).


  1. Thats really cool!! I never thought to do something like that on a wall but I've done it on canvas and have some paintings up. I love the idea on a big wall though.

    1. I'd never thought about putting cool patterns directly on walls either - for some reason I thought outdated wall paper and paneling as the only option. Thank goodness for Pinterest ideas!
      Have you seen those awesome vinyl wall decals on Etsy? Those look like a lot of fun too

  2. This is FABULOUS! It looks amazing.

  3. Well done! That looks really good.