Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pyrex Kaleidoscope

As a little girl i remember being fascinated by kaleidoscopes. Awed and perplexed at how a tiny movement could completely change the image. The color and pattern that was being contained in that small cardboard twisty tube totally captivated me - for about 3 minutes. Then my attention span expired :D

This is my digitally created adult version of a kaleidoscope.
I created these by manipulating pictures of my Pyrex hoard in Photoshop.

If you enjoy comparing before and after pics, you can find original pictures here and here
So, did you like them 3 minutes worth?


  1. So... im frustrated that i cant figure out what the third picture is created from >.< I liked it more than 3 minutes worth!

    1. :) It's the second picture in this post: