Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It be freezing

Actually, more than freezing. Indiana has become the tundra.
So. Much. Snow. And cold.
My hat goes off to you, my Canadian friend, because these double-digit negative temperatures are crippling.


We did venture outside Sunday afternoon long enough to unbury the vehicles so as to move them into the garage. Since you are now wondering why they weren't in there to begin with, let me tell you. A previous owner of the house put a pole in the middle of the garage, an intrusive loft stairway on the side, and lost the remote to the garage door opener. The opener may or may not even work since they also forgot to run power it and we therefore have no way to test it. This concoction of inconveniences causes us not to use the garage. Except when we are really desperate. Like when the Tundra blows down.

You can clearly see how prepared we are by that ridiculously tiny scraper ;) It was quickly abandoned in favor of the almighty Shovel.


  1. Whoa, you guys got a lot of snow. While it is incredibly cold here we've not had much snow, which is the part I really like about winter. I'm still waiting and until then, staying inside as much as possible!

    Gorgeous photos you've got there too.

  2. 1. Do I spy an Isuzu Trooper there? With the snow, it's hard to tell, but I thought it might be. That was my first car, so I always notice them :)
    2. My dad is an over-the-road truck driver, and he's stuck at a truck stop somewhere in Indiana right now. Eery day he sends me a picture of his increasingly snow-covered truck. Brrrrrrrrrrr!
    Stay warm!

  3. Daddy-O Here. No Trooper; Grand Cherokee :). I had a Trooper, the kid got her dream Jeep.