Monday, December 23, 2013

Put some paint on it

A few weeks ago I showed you the brown on brown on brown glop that was our living room.
It is no more! Things have been changing colors around these parts. Getting lighter and brighter, if you will.
A couple weekends ago, Keith and I had a burst of ambition and decided to stay up all night to prep the living room walls for paint and then get up early and roll the paint on. It was a total fit of new-home-owner giddiness.

Pretend that those wet paint splotches above the mantle aren't there.
I'd just gone back with a brush and touched up a few dips in the plaster the roller didn't quite get.

We are thrilled with the results. The room seemed like it got loads of light before but now... *sigh*.
It's the complete opposite of the apartment we were living in before which, literally, only got minutes of sunlight a day.
Another reason we are thrilled is because of how it makes the woodwork look. Honestly, we weren't in love with the dark wood when we first moved in but now we adore it contrasted against the pale grey.

We also painted the brick fireplace surround, a slightly darker grey called Grey Ghost by Dutch Boy, but I forgot to take a picture before it was obstructed by the rubble of our current project.
So many projects!


  1. I love your home darlin! I can't wait til Lamar & I reach that milestone ^.^

  2. I love your living room! Excellent color choices. I actually love the contrast of the lighter-colored walls against the dark wood. (But I'm a fan of dark wood.) I hope that the house is coming together, albeit however slowly it may seem.