Tuesday, December 3, 2013

done. almost.

Staring at the calendar, my logical self says, 
"girl, there are 9 days left til your college career is completed. You can totally do this."
But the emotional part of me, the part that is so hard to ignore, feels like those 9 days are actually 9 decades that will ever be looming.

And so I sit. Feeling drained and overwhelmed. Thinking about the papers I need to write, the projects that need to be completed, the Christmas party I need to put together. 
Are we even going to get around to setting up our beloved tree this year? Because all I actually want to do is paint the walls in my house.


1 comment:

  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! Finish strong!

    Last year when I was doing my over zealous handmade holidays, one of my friends sent me this thought:

    How do you eat an elephant?
    One bite at a time!

    Finish your projects one bite at a time! You can do it darlin :) Peace and Love!