Thursday, December 12, 2013

A month of home-making


It's kinda strange. It feels a bit like we moved in last weekend but also a bit like we moved in ages ago. We've been doing so much dreaming, changing of this and that, AND PIPE SNAKING. Fortunately, our pipes are now clean and our drains are draining, but on a side note - remember that feminine products and rubbers should NOT be flushed. The future owners of your house will thank you. However, this post is not about removing giant quantities of roots and yuck from pipes. It is simply a teensy peek into what's been going on lately on the Home front.


We picked out some colors and painted some walls! Every, I repeat, EVERY wall in our house is the same color. While it isn't the worst wall color, and really is quite liveable, it also reminds me of baby poop. Yummm.
Want to know what we picked? They are Dutchboy colors: Willow Springs, Grey Ghost, and Grey Marble. You can see the chosen chip taped to the brick in the next picture. Which brings me to...

The stove! We found a wood burning stove! Brand new and on the cheap! It was actually turning out to be a challenge to find one petite enough to fit in the fireplace while also not sticking out into the room 3 feet. We found one though. And it has a WINDOW. That window. It just makes my heart so happy. I did not expect to find a small stove with a window and I am thankful that we did. Seriously, i just want to fast forward to next year when we are using it. You see, currently it is just sitting there looking mighty adorable because routing the flue up our lofty chimney is a project for this summer.

And finally, a blurry picture (sorry!) of me sanding. This was taken just a few days after we moved in because I could not handle that black hole of a door one moment longer. You will do a little happy jig when you see what color I painted it but that will have to wait till it gets warmer. The cold moved in before I got a final coat of color on.

So there you have a  [small] peek into our happening. Onward we go!
Wish us luck for this weekend! We are going to try our hand at drywall. Tearing out and replacing an old, water damaged plaster wall.



  1. A baby of grandma and grandpa's stove:)! Looks like you are very busy.....keep smiling as you make it your own and get rid of the 'baby poop'

  2. Is that the card from Uncle Mike?

  3. I want to see the paint! Mom said its beautiful!