Sunday, August 18, 2013

Life lately


Tomorrow, school starts.
I am totally unready for the onslaught of busyness that it's going to bring.
In preparation for the coming semester, I've spent the last few days trying to soak in and store the rest while simultaneously getting things accomplished. If you've ever been in this situation you know it's a conflicting thing to try to accomplish. Basically, envision me trying to store laziness, like a camel stores water, while also striving to be, I don't know, something crazy active. An ant, maybe?
I had Thursday off, so as a little treat to myself, I spent the entire day in my PJs even though I was conquering a large to-do list.
Among the things accomplished: my closet underwent a purge and my Etsy shop got some new merch. A super delicious, white pizza was also enjoyed.


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