Monday, August 19, 2013

I love a good documentary

It's dawned on me that it has been ages and ages since I last shared what I've been watching. People, there are some great documentaries on Netflix. There are literally dozens that you should check you but here are some that I've enjoyed recently.

My Life As a Turkey

Now, if you are like me, you are raising your eyebrows and thinking that this is likely as dumb as dumb gets. But, if you are like me, you are also thinking, "Hey, it's Netflix. I'll give it a go because, if it blows, I can always turn something else on."
I am glad that I "gave it a go". This is actually a super entertaining, well done, pull-you-in documentary. To put it simply, I appreciate turkeys in a whole new way.

Hot Coffee

I had not read the description when I started this film so I was expecting it to be analyzing the rise and effect of Starbucks and the coffee house industry. It is actually about that snafu of the spilled McDonald's coffee. It examined the misconceptions that surrounded the ordeal as well as the social and political fallout that resulted. It was interesting. I enjoyed it. You should watch it.
**Prepare to be shocked at the burns that woman received. They were much worse than I had imagined.

Secrets of the Viking Sword

This was good because, 1) it was made by Nova, 2) it's about metalsmithing -something I have an appreciation for after taking a Metals class- and 3) it's about Vikings. Now, maybe it's just me, but the Vikings were so badass that they seem mythological. Case in point: The Ulfberht sword. Watch the documentary to learn the secret of it.

Ben Franklin's Pirate Fleet

That title totally grabs you, right? While I did learn a few new tidbits about American history and the esteemed Benjamin Franklin, it wasn't quite as interesting as I'd hoped. Not nearly as scandalous. You see, Poor Ben was just trying to swap some prisoners of war and hired the wrong people to do the job.

You know the drill. If you've recently watched an awesome documentary and think I'd enjoy it, leave a comment below!


  1. I spotted that turkey documentary on my recommended list but didn't take it seriously - I'll give it a go now though. I just watched Park Avenue which is about the devide between the richest and poorest people in the US - I found it really fascinating (in a "that makes me so mad" kind of way)

  2. OK I keep seeing Ben Franklin on Netflix and keep wondering if it is any good and then I end up never watching it so I will have to watch it probably right now. Haha! And my buddy Chris who is from Indy now living in LA told me to watch Hot Coffee. By both of your reviews of it I will have to watch it.


  3. Thanks for all the suggestions, miss! I haven't watched a documentary in awhile, but I may have to now. The Viking one actually sounds reallly interesting to me. TI've only watched a handful of movies lately--"On the Road" and "Django Unchained" included.