Friday, August 2, 2013

DIY Leather Lanyard

Along with the office key, my job has given me a snazzy badge key (ohhh, ahhh) which is much too big to put on my keyring.
Enter my grown-up leather lanyard which I fancy to be a step up from the pink one, procured from who-knows-where, that I used in high school. Swag at its finest, yeah?
Anyways, this is so, so easy to make, if you have the right tools, which are listed below...

SUPPLIES: Leather, leather punch, straight edge, scissors / rotary cutter, rivet kit, hammer, key ring

STEP 1: Cut a strip of leather - I made mine 1/2 inch wide - and round the end so it looks pretty.
STEP 2: Use the leather punch to create holes just big enough for the rivets to fit into.
STEP 3: Wrap the leather around the key ring, line up the holes and rivet away!

For added flair I inserted a strip of pale, green leather. I cut the brown strip in the middle then added the green leather using the same riveting steps as for the original brown strip.

That pink lanyard from high school had white lettering on it. It's going to drive me insane that I can't remember what it said...

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