Monday, July 22, 2013

new chapter


Today, I start my job.
It's not possible to portray in words how excited I am to say that. :D
Right now it still feels a bit surreal but I'm sure that will have passed by the time I get home tonight.

Are you curious about the details? Let me fill you in...
My title is Graphic Design Assistant and I'm employed by the county library. It's currently a part-time position (which perfectly OK with me since I have one more semester of school to complete) but if they like me and the work I do, I will move on to full time.  !!!

This job opportunity makes me so thankful for God's timing.  
I applied to and interview for a couple paid internships earlier in the summer. To be honest, I was super frustrated that I didn't get either position. Now, I'm super thankful.

It also makes me thankful that God answers prayers by allowing (or not allowing) opportunities. Keith and I had been wondering and praying about whether or not we would stay in the area after we completed school. It's starting to looking like we are supposed to stay, yeah? 


  1. I believe life takes you where you are meant to go. I didn't get the first job I wanted when I finished grad school and for a while I was really upset but then the job I have now came along and I haven't for a second reretted the decision to take it!

    Congrats on the new job how you're first day goes great (I hate first days!)!

  2. Excellent! Have a great day.

  3. As I already told you, congrats on your job! That's so exciting! I'm glad you were able to snag a position. I don't doubt that they'll want to keep you when the time comes. :) What, exactly, will you be doing/making/designing/etc. for the county library? Congratulations, again! I'm happy for you.

    1. Basically, any advertising, mailers, booklets, etc. the library needs. Which, admittedly, doesn't sounds like there would be enough to have to people working on it BUT it's the downtown library, the south brand, the book mobile, school partnerships, and another small townships library. All put together, there are quite a few programs and outreach events that want posters and such.

  4. I read your description in the above comment, and I feel like this is perfect for you! God is always on time with His movements and plans (as I'm learning). I'm glad you have been blessed with a job that lets you use the skills you've honed in school and still gives you the time for your last semester. I can't wait to hear about how everything shapes up ^.^