Tuesday, July 30, 2013

mix 'n' match


Here are a few of my most recent acquisitions, collected from here and there.
I thought about showing you all my recent finds but 1) don't think anyone but me really cares and 2) I am a bit embarrassed by the lack of order. I really need to further hone the collection.
Actually, maybe I'm just overwhelmed and uninspired. You see, I have a new setup that's perfect for Pyrex but it's in a weird nook in the hallway so it gets zero natural light. The colors just don't look as good as I they should in there...
Probably just over analyzing and thinking about it too hard. But tell me, how are you displaying your collection?

Anyways, I love, love, love mixing Pyrex and FireKing / Glasbake. Don't these just look like they were made for each other? So sweet!


Speaking of mixing.... FireKing Primrose + Pink Pyrex = Perfection. (Primrose casserole was one of my recent acquisitions, if you were wondering)

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