Saturday, July 13, 2013



I'm sure this is seriously stupid to some people but to me, it's kind of a big deal...
Check out those dangly earrings, yo! Aren't they snazzy?

Dangly earrings get snaggled in curly hair so they tend to be an accessory I steer away from. I quite like these though. PLUS, my grandma gave them to me. Can't not try a gift, right?

Anyways, long story short, after an evening of wearing these I came to the conclusion that I definitely like them. Kinda big but not too big.  Substantial but not earlobe stretching. Dangly, but not crazy. And, most importantly, they don't have loops or little wires to catch my curls. Gold star.
Although, in all fairness, my hair was kinda pulled back so maybe I should have worn them with my hair completely down for a better test.

On a side note, last night, at about the time Keith was taking these pics, there was chaos in the alley. From the looks of it, an evicted tenet had not cleared out their stuff and it was being cleared out for them. Stuff was flying off the balcony and smashing. Then, if that wasn't entertaining enough, there was a cursing match between the two Clearers. After a minute of yelling and such, one stomped off while the other continued to curse and laugh maniacally. If it hadn't been in the middle of the day it probably would have been creepy.
Now, what does that have to do with me? Not much. Although, normally we take pictures against the back of the building. The walls are more open, making a better background, and there are fewer people to gawk. As you can imagine though, we really didn't want to be close to that scene while it was still so heated. Sooo to the courtyard we went where I was photographed in a central place as Keith zoomed in on my ear. Blogging can be so awkward, yeah?


^ Almost looking at the camera


  1. They were one of my favorite earrings. I am glad to see they are being enjoyed. Gma XO

  2. I actually really like dangling earrings. I have quite a few of them. For me, I like the look of them when I wear my hair down. But, like you said, they sometimes get caught in my hair. More and more often, though, I've been wearing studs. I just feel unfeminine without something in my ears, you know? And, yes, taking photos for the blog can be so odd! I remember doing it in my mom's backyard once, and my neighbor came out and blatantly watched me do it. Oh, man, was that awkward. I'm just glad that you guys didn't get caught in the flying "debris!"