Saturday, July 20, 2013

Art Journaling: The SKIJ Book

There is this book, art journal really, called SKIJ that is passed between my sisters and I. We pass this book round-robin like. Is that the right term for passing something around and around in a ordered circle? Anyways, we have a set of rules for how a page is done. The most important being that each page is a continuation of the previous page. This is done by incorporating an element of the previous page into the page being created. (was that super confusing?) The 'element' can be color, shape, number, pattern, whatever.
Here is a little peek into the book, to give you a view of the most recent pages. Can you tell which element was continued? *Hint*- it's likely there is more than one. We are snazzy like that ;)

The first page was done by both Isannah and Jenna. They do theirs together because, well, it is a rule Kali and I set.  ;)
Kali did the second page and I did the last one.
What do you think?


  1. I had a feeling you did the last one. :) I really like it. And, actually, I love the idea that the four of you have this to share. It's very creative and personal. I also like that the cover has each of your first initials on it. How long have you kept this?

  2. What a neat idea creating this art journal together is. I love the concept of one element being carried into the next page. All these pages look great. You ladies are very creative indeed.