Thursday, June 20, 2013

Throw Back

After seeing my winning fabric pattern, my Grandma sent this picture my way. See that little girl with the terrible outfit and triangle hair? That's me. Nearly 20 years ago.
Writing that makes me feel incomprehensably old.

Anyways, on one of her visits to Indiana, my grandma made my sister and I quilts.
My teensy self designed that quilt. Literally. I drew a picture, picked out the fabric and watched my mom and grandma make my art into a warm, 3D form.
I know that I've always loved symmetry.  Apparently a penchant for color-on-white is something I've also always had.
Only now I draw triangles instead of hearts.
Funny how our inclinations are evident even when we are tiny.
It makes me so thankful for parents who nurtured that in me.

Looking at this picture makes me want to flip through more old pictures to see if there were other foreshadowings.
Is it just me? Are you finding pictures of your tiny self doing the same thing your big self does now?


  1. Replies
    1. I do! It's at my parentals since it's too small for our bed. I'll try to dig it out and take a pic with it for scale

  2. I love this. How cool of your grandma and mom to make you a quilt in your own design.

    Sadly most of my family's old photographs were lost to the wind, quite literally, when my brother's storage barn was blown all over the county by a tornado. So I don't have many pictures of the young me, but I do have one taken before I can even sit up on my own. And I laugh when I look at it now because the look on my face when smiling then is exactly the same as it is now. I guess the way someone smiles stays with them for life.

    1. geez. That sucks. Hope everyone was ok. was it just the storage shed?