Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tastes like summer

strawberrySmoothie1 strawberrySmoothie2 strawberrySmoothie3 strawberrySmoothie4 Garden grown, freshy-fresh strawberries.
Given to my parentals and then snatched from their freezer to come home with me.

Add just a splash of almond milk and, if you so desire, a raspberry or two.

Anyone else still raiding their parent's fridge? Is this something I should have outgrown?


  1. Ummm, well....Looks delish!
    I can't raid.....Takes a car ride, a 14 hour flight and a 2 hour flight and then another car ride. By the time I could get home the food would be spoiled!!!LOL Starting that trip in about 42 hours!!

  2. If I still lived close enough to my parents to raid their fridge I totally would!