Monday, June 3, 2013

papery spice

It's Monday, Chick-a-dees!

So I picked up some quirky, blank herb cards at the Thrift which got me thinking...
It's nice to be appreciated and to get notes of thanks, yeah?
And, possibly nicer and more important, it is good to give notes of thanks.

Yeah, about that....
My gratitude etiquette is much improved over the years BUT that does not decrease the shame I feel when I think about all the notes I didn't send. Is anyone else deeply embarrassed when they think about all the notes of thanks they haven't given? You know, from yester-year...

Which then raises the question, does the phrase "better late than never" apply to to giving thank you cards?  How long till you cross from the late phase to the never phase?


  1. Yeah. Where is that elusive line of 'it's too late'?

  2. Nice find! They're great cards. I highly suggest you send some out. It's never too late.