Monday, June 24, 2013

made tactile: hand lettering, meet t-shirt


It's tangible!
All fleshed out. In final form.
Remember how not long ago I shared a bit of hand lettering I did for a client?
Well, here it is in t-shirt form :D

Can I just say that I am ever so happy to have been given one :)
It is just so awesome to see it off paper and taking on another form.


I am super pleased. 

I digress.

Psst... if you would like me to letter something for you send me an email { } because I would love to chat about it!


  1. That's really cool! And it looks awesome too! I definitely know where to go if I want lettering - you're really good!!


  2. Oh my goodness!!! That is so cool! You are so very talented missy :)