Monday, June 17, 2013

Hand Lettering | Tune My Heart


Have I mentioned that I love hand lettering? Because it's true. I very much enjoy it.
Therefore, when Jamie of Owl Really saw this bit of lettering and asked if I could do some for her I was thrilled. Of course I would! 

HandLettering_TuneMyHeart5 HandLettering_TuneMyHeart4

As you can see, I didn't leave myself very much edge space to work with - oops! To remedy this, after I outlined the letters I scanned it, used Photoshop to repositioned the art to the center of the page, then printed it on card stock to finish up.

HandLettering_TuneMyHeart3 HandLettering_TuneMyHeart2

Now, I will let her tell you what she plans to do with it but until then rest assured that it will be awesome.
But, maybe, you should pop by her blog and ask, just to keep a bit of pressure on ;)


  1. That is really beautiful! Does it take ages to do? I got some card stock and pens to make my own quote design page but I doubt it will be anywhere near are beautiful as this!


    1. Thank you! It does take awhile.
      I would love to see how great your are so be sure to post about them:)

  2. Wow! That is SO pretty!
    PS. Our blog address changed because bloger decided to give it to someone -- why, no idea. Anyways, here it is.

  3. Puh-leeze do a basic hand lettering tutorial!! I would love to learn to do even the teensiest bit of that!