Friday, June 14, 2013

DIY Tassel Necklace


I freely admit that I might have a mild obsession with tassel accessories. Having them on my purse was no longer enough. Needed more....
Fortunately, this is really easy to make.

SUPPLIES - polymer clay, metal button, I pin, pencil, 5 inch square of cardboard, thread, scissors, glue, pliers, necklace hardware

STEP 1 - Roll the polymer clay into a ball
STEP 2 - Squish the metal button into the center of the polymer ball.
STEP 3 - Using a pencil or other sharp doohickey make a hole in the bottom edge of the, now flattish, clay ball.
STEP 4 - Opposite the pencil hole stick an I pin into the clay.  Now pop the clay, with the button still in place, into the over to bake as the instructions direct.
Now for the tassel!
STEP 5 - Wrap the thread around the cardboard till the total amount of thread is half the desired thickness of the finished tassel.
STEP 6 - Carefully slide the thread off the cardboard and identify the middle of the thread wad. (wad is not a pretty word but I can think of nothing else)
STEP 7 - After folding the wad in half, wrap the folded end tightly with thread. Secure with a knot.
STEP 8 - Cut all the loops out of the tassel and trim the thread so it is even.
STEP 9 - Put a dab of glue in the hole you made with the pencil and then press the wrapped end of the tassel into it. Once the glue is dry, add a chain.


Snazzy, yeah?


  1. The tassel definitely adds a bit of pzazz! But its even really pretty without the tassel! It looks great :)


  2. 1.) This is fantastic! I may have to do this DIY!
    2.) Your photos and graphics look AMAZING! Jealous!
    3.) From your comment on my blog: Yes clean jeans feel so weird and you lose your comfortable shape you bent them into and have to start from scratch...and sometimes (as you read) I don't have time for that! haha!