Saturday, June 8, 2013

Classic cut-offs polished up a bit


In the beginning, there was a pair of jeans that were no longer suitable to wear as pants for they had lost some length in the dryer. The girl saw that this was not good and set about refashioning them back into use....

SUPPLIES: measuring tape, scissors, needle and thread, buttons, iron, AND pair of jean (duh).

jeanShorts3 jeanShortsBefore

STEP 1 - Figure out how short you want your shorts. Measure up the seam to this length then make a cut 2 inches BELOW. Do this on both seams.  Then cut across the leg so the slits become a giant cut (see how we eliminated the pen there? Fancy.)

jeanShorts1 jeanShorts2

STEP 2 - This only applies if your jeans are fitted thought the thigh - Cut a small slit, about 1.5 inches, along the seam. This will prevent your thighs from looking like sausages squeezed into a tight casing when you roll them up. Girls, if no one has told you, let me... squeezing into clothes is just not a good look. DON'T DO IT! WEAR CLOTHES THAT FIT AND FLATTER!

jeanShorts4 jeanShorts5

STEP 3 - Now, roll the edge up once and then once more so that the raw edge is tucked away. IRON! to give a crisp edge. Sew a button on the outside seam line and add a couple stitches on the inside (inner thigh) to tack the rolled hem down. (Pst - You could also hem all the way around if you so choose.)


STEP 4 - replace the ugly waist button
Bask in the added flair.

Enjoy your polished, pretty cut offs.
WITHOUT the tickly, dangling spider like strings .


  1. SUPER CUTE! I think I could handle this!!!!

  2. Grrrl! You so crafty ^.^
    Whenever I do cutoffs they come out wonky looking...

  3. They look like you bought them that way! Good job!

  4. Cute! I have to get Grandma to help me resize jeans and make them still look good. I shrank over here! AA

    1. I had no idea Asian size was contagious ;)