Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Binding an Art Journal

MakingJournal8 MakingJournal1 MakingJournal2 MakingJournal6 MakingJournal7 MakingJournal4 MakingJournal5 MakingJournal3 MakingJournal9

The other day I had my sisters and a friend over to make art journals. They are all such quick learners :D
You might have noticed that we used old papers because, Confession Time, I tend to hoard used paper, like school work. Not because I care anything about what I wrote for a particular Professional Writing assignment, but because I am constantly needing paper for scrap. It just seems so wasteful to use a fresh sheet. Anyways, several semesters has led to a pretty substantial stack of scrap and it needed to be used up. Binding it together to use for an art journal (or 4) was the perfect solution since the pages will be painted and pasted over.
We haven't completed any pages yet, but we did lay some base paint down on a few.
So excited to get started.


  1. I like that you used old paper scraps - saving the planet and all that :)