Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Testing out this succulent craze

There seem to be quite a few succulent displays on Pinterest. They are oh-so pretty.
There also seems to be a snippet of info going around that they are low maintenance, kill-proof sort of plants.

Let's put this to the test shall we?  I am a planter killer if ever there was one, so if these can survive my black thumb than, truly, anyone can keep them.

Here is a visual walk though of my planting process - flawed as it may be.
Feast your eyes Pyrex / Fireking lovers!

This takes concentration.
And the help of a pup.

Fingers crossed that they live!


  1. That pup is thinking this is an elaborate dinner but it doesn't smell so great!!
    Very cute idea. O asked yesterday "what is Shaktis obsession with Pyrex?" I told her they are cute and fun. Maybe you can tell her about it:)

    1. O is not alone. My dad seems semi baffled by it and sometimes I wonder too. Why am I collecting bakeware when I don't even cook!? Ha! I guess it's about the colors and how they look when they are together.
      But you collect Fiesta ware, yeah? You understand then :)

  2. That poor succulent is doomed! doomed!

    1. Ha. Thanks for the vote of confidence.